Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fits and Starts

I have to take some pictures - I have been informed that 'proper blogs' have pictures. Yeah, cuz I am so very into social conventions and the following thereof. ;) Seriously....

I finished things! Arwen, she be done. And fits decently despite the shaping issues with the short rows on the sleeves, whew. Also, I have jumped on the tangled yoke bandwagon, but am progressing on it in my own way, as usual. I've dumped the ribbing in favor of a few inches of linen stitch. I'm also making it in Rowan's Tapestry, so as to have some pretty stripe effects.

Also have ripped red scarf out and need to start over. Hence the fits. And need to finish Mom's birthday present sometime before Christmas. Heh...I just have no mood for lace, which might also explain why the mystery stole be not done yet.


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