Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where there is smoke...

There may not be fire, but there are beautiful sunsets, obscured mountains, and a layer of dust that makes breathing, and therefore living at my usual speed, difficult.

I could blame that, the fires to the North, West, and East of us, for my absence from Blogland. I could blame catching up on a workload that fell severely behind during the two weeks of hand uselessness. I could even blame life on the ranch - the guests, the cows that need feeding, horses that require riding, the cats that want a little momma-time....

But the truth is, I am lazy. Yes, my friends and knitters (and crocheters!), I am a procrastinator. But...but...but...there has been knitting progress in my blog hiatus. No crochet (Aieeeee.....no table runner for the holiday-a-long, no finished vest for the calendar...) because turning my hand that way still makes me week in the knees in a not at all pleasurable way. But I have worked a bit on the rectangle question, I finished a baby hat, started the Pea Pod set from IK summer '06, and....am halfway through Adamas from KnitPicks...yes, I am knitting lace and /liking/ it.

For those of you who don't know my hate-hate relationship with lace (Give me colorwork any day, please!) I have avoided the stuff for years. And yet, I own books full of shawls, I covet lovely little panels in sweaters. And I am finally embracing the stitch markers, the risk of dropped yarn overs...the whole shebang, the entier kit 'n kaboodle.

I like it. I am going to tackle the IK fall swallowtail next. Look out world....errr....or something. I suppose I ought to finish one whole project first, hmm?

Pictures, as always, await digital camera procurement or borrowing. Patience is a virtue. ;)


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