Thursday, August 03, 2006

Booking Through Thrusday

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do your reading habits change for the summer months? Reply here
  2. If so, how? I am sitting here attempting to recall the last time I was in school, and therefore, had a recognizable difference between summer months and any other months of the year in terms of activities, time to my self, etc...

    And I have determined that back then, yes. Absolutely, I read a lot anyway, but in the summer, I would set myself goals, in an attempt to get every ounce of 'good' reading done possible in the span of 12-20 weeks. One year, it was the entirety of the Kittridge Players complete Shakespeare (A compendium of every play, every sonnet, every letter, that could be located in 1968 when the compendium was published). One year it was 'all teh stuff I picked on the reading list for English plus whatever else I could get through' (I got through the five 'required' readings, and six more plays/books...don't ask me which ones, it was too many decades ago. ;))

But now? Well, now, no, I don't change my habits much at all just because its summer. I still read 1-2 chapters of at least one of my 'open' books a night. Perhaps I read a bit less, since there are chores to do, animals to feed, horses to ride...things that can't be done as late in the day or for as long in winter, when there are all those hours after daylight to while away in front of the television with my knitting, a book, and World of Warcraft breaks. (I don't actually /watch/ television, but it sits there and stares at me, and occasionally is interesting enough to glance up for. ;))

OKC: I stopped working on the &%$*()@)@!!!ing rectangles for a couple of days to crochet a coworker's grandbaby a little sunhat, which is far to neccesary a thing for a wee babe to have in the ridiculous temperatures that are likely to come back again next week.


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