Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tricky Math

So, we are at Saturday, only four days since the start of ye ol' daily blogging lifestyle, and I have already broken the 'I will write every day' promise I made to myself. I could blame the heat. I could blame a particularly hard to find reconciliation at work. I could blame the missing digital camera. I would probably be better off though, blaming my own lazy butt.

At any rate, I am still picture-less, since the digital camera is still lurking in its den somewhere in teh depths of my father's truck, to the best of anyone else's knowledge. I did, however, sit down and measure up my jacket squares, which, it turns out, are 2" and 4", rather than 1" and 2". You might wonder how I could mistake a four inch square for one half (Really 1/4) its size, but then you would only realize my complete spatial ignorance.

So, having examined this evidence, I have decided a 1x1 square would be way too freaking small. And and 8x8 square would be way too freaking big. In light of this truly amazing revelation, I have determined that a 6x6 square would be /just right/.

Before anyone freaks out and declares that 4 does not, in fact, go into 6, I should say that of this, I am aware. Two goes into six, which means with some clever assembly, I will simply have a creatively offset look. Or a whole lot more 2" squares than anything else. Since, at this time, I have a sum total of 3 2" and 2 4" squares, we could go in any direction still. Yay for modularization!


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