Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Summer Woolens

So we are now, in the Northern Valley of California, entering day 12 of 'record heat'. Our weatherman last night declared that it doesn't officially count as the longest heat wave in Redding because last week, one day only topped out at 99 degrees Fahrenheit. At the official recording place, a low spot by the river with a cooling breeze. Up at the ranch-stead, its been 110 or more when I get home at night, and 100ish at bedtime.

And what am I knitting? Wool. Okay, so I am knitting teeny tiny squares out of sock yarn....but it still makes me question the sanity of those of us dealing with opressive heat and working happily along on a future winter project.

Speaking of which, I have pictures! At last... of the jacket squares.
There you are, a whole weeks worth of knitting, all summed up on the kitchen counter. I am still not, entirely, sure how I am going to put the differently sized squares together, though mom suggested perhaps I could 'fill in the funny spaces' with rectangles... an intriguing idea, so I am going to experiment with (don't laugh) mitred rectangles and see what happens.

Wish me luck!


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