Friday, August 11, 2006

Glass Shower Doors

Are, in fact, dangerous. Okay, so not as dangerous as plate glass doors once were, but when mine decided to implode on Wendesday, it was still scary.

Seriously, imagine yourself wandering into the bathroom, groggy and sleepified still. You try to open the door, frown a bit when it seems oddly stuck. Shift to close the /other/ door, you know the one with the towel rack that never moves under normal circumstances. Think to yourself: you know, something could be..ut it off its....CRASH...hinges?


This was my experience at 6:15am on Wednesday, when the shower door slipped, crashed, and burst into about a bajillion and twenty little pebbles of glass all over the floor and showerpan. Interestingly, tempered glass really does work, since despite having my arms and torso spattered and covered in glass, I only got one cut. And it did not come from the glass, but rather from the heavy hinge that derailed from its track in the first place.

That bit of heavy, sharp metal cut a gash across the joint of my right (Why must you always injure your dominant hand?) hand and went skittering out to join the glass in the bottom of the shower. Three stitches and two days later, we think there might be some minor nerve damage, since my thumb still feels 'asleep', but its all good otherwise. I looked pretty goofy the first day, what with about 22 layers of gauze and bright neon green vetwrap stuff the nurse at urgent care wrapped in it in.

Yesterday saw WAY less guaze, and a prettier sky blue vet wrap. Today, we are down to just a bandage. My workmates thought I should have gone for the wrap for longer, for 'sympathy milking' purposes, but it was getting in the way of my attempts to knit a guage swatch!

And yes, I can knit. Passably well even, using my fingers and no thumb - for once having tendonitis comes in handy, since I am always switching how I hold the yarn for that reason and to prevent it 'progressing'.

I can't, though, hold a camera, so despite dad rescuing it, I still have no pretty pictures to share. :P


At Fri Aug 11, 08:09:00 PM PDT, Blogger Marie said...

Poor Boo! Sending hugs your way! (((((Hugs)))))


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