Friday, September 07, 2007

'Tis the season

No, no, not for 'Santa Claus and Hohoho and presents for pretty girls'*, though someone needs to tell the catalog companies that, they are already overflowing the mailbox. Here in the lovely North State, it is that most dreaded of seasons for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and wildlife. Fire season. That space between summer and fall when the storms start to wander in without enough rain, and too much wind and the seared grasses light at the barest kiss of lightning.

It is the season of blood red suns at rising, at waking to blood in your throat and eyes that feel like sandpaper. This year, we don't have the great smouldering next door, but the smoke from more distant fires still lies thick and greybrown over the property.

It is the season of scratchy throated cranky lethargy. I think I need to find an inhaler before the gymkhana** this weekend.

Oh, yes, and the more astute of you (Well, that would be all three of you, woulnd't it?) will have figured out by now that this is no longer strictly a knitting blog. I decided that was part of the whole 'no posts for a year' problem - I didn't write what I felt like writing unless I had enough knitting content to qualify. And I never have enough knitting to qualify after I've read the other knitbloggers. So...welcome to my brain. :)

* Schultz, Charles' character Lucy, explaining Christmas to Schroeder.
** AKA Barrel racing. But I am entering the walk/trot class, cuz I is chicken. Bwak!


At Sun Sep 16, 06:45:00 PM PDT, Blogger Marie said...

I feel you, Sister! My asthma has been off the heezy! Stro is begging me to go to the doctor about it, but when I did (2 months ago), they gave me a new med with side effects that made the asthma look like the better choice! But, yes, I plan to talk to her again, once life calms down a bit!


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