Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back In the Saddle

Metaphorically speaking, of course, I am in a saddle with too little frequency, but often enough for it not to be a blogworthy event.

What I really mean is..I worked at my first gaming convention in almost two years this past weekend. You might wonder why anyone would spend their Holiday weekend working without being forced to do so, but by now if you read this little ramble of mine, you should know I am not entirely defined by normalcy. ;)

So, I returned to my 'other' hobby for the weekend, and re-acquainted myself with old friends from the industry. I also met a few new potential friends, which was a wonderful added bonus. :)

It was a fabulous time, and I am very glad I went. I was reading someone or other last week, I think Crazy Aunt Purl, but dont' go and quote me on that or anything. At any rate, she was talking about how sometimes, you do things because the SO does them, and yes you like them, but maybe that thing isn't really 'you' in the full sense of the word, if you know what I mean. She used the example of a friend who basically listened to whatever music her SO of the moment listened to. And I nodded my head at the screen and said, 'yesyes, I do this.' And 'Oh crap, what if I am not, in fact, a gamer at all?! Aiiie. What if I go, and everyone knows this, and mocks me, and....' Okay, so I got a little melodramatic.

Of course, when I was a younger thing, I played games when I could find people to play them with me, I read 'choose your own adventure' books. I cut my literary teeth on Asimov, Heinlein, and McCaffery. And yet, and yet...what if this whole gaming thing was /his/ thing? And I was only doing it because, well, that's what a wife does?

This weekend I realized that I was not, in the words of one attendee/friend 'Just a gamer wife type'. I am a gamer. Yes, and all the geekynerdiness that that entails. WHEW! And thank goodness, and all manner of other cheesy cliches that could be spewed around about this point.

OH, and yes, I did get knitting in. I am now exactly >< close to finishing the Cardigan for Arwen that was started last winter. Perhaps in time to wear it /this/ winter.

Someday, I will load pictures from the camera and show y'all some pictures of knitted projects, and things like the great coyote hunter cat series, and etc. Don't anyone go holding their breath though.


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