Friday, September 14, 2007

What I did on my Blogger vacation

It occurred to me that you all might be wondering what became of that almost-year. So, some highlights:

  • Attended a housewarming party in a barn. (No snickering, I live in ranchland!) It was held for our 'across the street' neighbor, and his two brothers' significant birthdays. I didn't get all the appropriate details. But I did get some delicious food (Very nicely marinated Bambie and Grilled corn, yummers!), some very nice wine (and a very very nice whiskey called Elijah something or other), and met some really way cool people.

    Also, I stayed at the party after my parents left. You all might not be aware of my extreme INFP personality with a huge ol' emphasis on the 'I', but....I stayed at a party, with only vague acquaintances (mom's coworkers) and people previously unknown to me. For several hours. And shhh.....don't tell my inner introvert, but I had fun. And, not to make a huge deal out of this one lonely event in the year or anything, but I got to dance. With people who know how(Aged 20something (slightly spastic and a bit more East Coast than Western, but I is not fussy) to 80something (Very sweet, dancing in his tennis shoes, and not-so-much swing, but hey, he's 80)), and are not my Father.... For several hours. We shall not discuss how this particular portion of the event made me realize the following interesting personality quirks:

    1. I can Western Swing quite well, thankyouverymuch.
    2. I can only do #1 with a Very Strong Lead. Otherwise, I am craptastic and trying to lead and step on my partner. Or frustrate them, which might explain some other things about my life.
    3. Yes Dad, that means you were right all these years, and its a darn good thing you don't read blogs, or I'd get the 'I told you so!' lecture. Again. :)

  • Joined a Gym. This is a Big Deal, since the last time I attempted such a thing, I wound up paying for a gym membership for two years and going like...twice. This time around, I have gone. I joined classes! (Please see above introvert notes) I do yoga 'for real'. Most of you who read this will know that I have tried to 'do yoga' for several years. With books. Not so much the same as having the amazing awesomeness of a real life instructor who takes the time to come around and fix your positioning. I lift weights....a thing I swore off back in the old High School swim team days. (And I get excited when I got up to 35lbs on the bench press...again, no snickering!)

  • I have had much ranch sportiness. This includes:
  1. Riding horses on trails, in the arena, etc.
  2. Running the roping chute for the parentals and friends to rope cattle.
  3. Herding cattle on horseback (And on foot when my horse gets cranky.)
  4. Shooting guns. This one perhaps requires some explanation, because some of you just went all slack jawed and gapey. Yesyes, I am still me. I live on a ranch. With coyotes who eat cats. And rattlesnakes who bite cats (And dogs, and horses, and maybe me). There are guns on the ranch. For purposes of ridding it of the above. I had /no idea/ how to handle a gun. This is a potentially dangerous situation. I am still sometimes stupid in my handling of them, but at least I am learning. In specific, I shot skeet with my aunt's rifle at Thanksgiving. I do not think I actually hit a skeet thingy, but hey. I learned how to handle a longarm. So good. At Easter, I learned how to shoot a pistol, which is much more 'fun', and it turns out, I am better at. I shot Mom's 357. And hit my target on shot 2. Hit where I was aiming on shot 4. Apparently, this is very good, so I will brag slightly. Bragbrag, yay me. Last night (so technically not during vacation at all, but whatever) I learned how to shoot a little air gun pistol. This was very very cool. Mostly because it is small, very lightweight, and does not kick back like the others do. Also, slightly less dangerous. In short, a good way to learn how to aim, pull trigger properly, etc...especially since it can be shot now without risk of lighting our property on fire, unlike the other things. It is something easier for me and the motherly one to handle when there is a rattlesnake threatening the cat under the deck next time, so, it is good and important to learn to aim and handle. And....its much fun.

That's it. Really, not much to report in a whole 11 months....there was more, of course, but it was mostly boring and involved work, and ranch work, and work. My brother and his wife visit often now that he is no longer ignoring us, and he has turned out to be not as much of a jerk. This is also a good thing, but not entirely worthy for blog fodder. ;)

Do comment so I know I'm not talking to myself, too. Not that I mind talking to myself, heh.


At Sun Sep 16, 06:42:00 PM PDT, Blogger Marie said...

I want to know where you got the Myers-Briggs or whatever that told you that you were an "I"...You are so *not* an I!!!!!

But kudos on the other stuff! Especially the gym stuff...I know I need to, but if I was tired before with just one (with medical issues), think three (some with more than just medical issues!)

But we are doing some "family fitness" stuff, or are at least *planning* there *is* hope for me!


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